Trend Hunter 2009 Trend Reports Sample

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Trend Hunter 2009 Trend Reports Sample

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1. Trend Hunter 2009 Trend REPORT Crowd Sourced Insight The Trend Hunter 2009 Trend Report is packed full of delicious Trends collected from around the globe by the world’s largest Trend spotting network at As a bonus, we’ve included Unlocking Cool TM , a guide on how to unleash your innovation potential & infect your products with cool. Enjoy! TM 2. AVAILABLE Reports The 2009 Master Report can be broken down into several Niche Presentations or 6 Industry Reports 6 Industry Reports 14 Niche Presentations 2009 Master Report 3. ABOUT THE REPORT The Trend Report is a collection of 2200+ micro-Trends clustered into 150+ clusters of inspiration 300+ Clusters of Inspiration 2,200+ Micro-Trend Examples 1,100+ Hyperlinked Galleries 300+ Hyperlinked Videos 15+ Presentations For Your Office 25+ Pages on How to Innovate 1 Year Subscription - Q1,Q2 and Q3 Updates CROWD SOURCED INSIGHT TM 4. UNIQUE ADVANTAGES Our Trend Report has several distinctions to help inspire potential 1. Crowd Sourced 2. Crowd Filtered 3. Hyperlinked 4. Measured 5. Acclaimed Content CROWD SOURCED INSIGHT TM 5. CROWD SOURCED INSIGHT Leveraging the world’s largest, most popular Trend site, we’ve created a system for developing Crowd Sourced Insight TM 28,000 Micro Trends 300+ Clusters of Inspiration 2,200+ Filtered Micro-Trends 22,000 Trend Hunters CROWD SOURCED World’s Largest Trend Network CROWD FILTERED 40,000,000 Page Views in 2008 INSIGHT Inspirational Ideas 6. HYPERLINKED 4 MORE Dive deeper – all 2200+ micro-Trend examples are hyperlinked to our free online articles, which in many cases include galleries and videos <ul><li>Details </li></ul><ul><li>Galleries </li></ul><ul><li>Videos </li></ul><ul><li>Product Links </li></ul><ul><li>Comments </li></ul> 7. ACCLIAMED CONTENT Routinely sourced by the media, Trend Hunter is the world’s largest network dedicated to Trend spotting, cool hunting and innovation 8. MEASURED [ TRAFFIC SCORE ] We score micro-Trends for popularity, leveraging 40,000,000 views to bring you a measure of what's important Traffic Score – Relative Popularity Normalized by Month & Capped Traffic Score Relative Traffic Example: A score of 10 means the Trend received at least 5x the traffic of an average Trend 9. HOW TO READ Each of the micro-Trends includes useful information including discovery date and the relative traffic score Vogue Knitting 12843 June / 8.0 Discovery Date This may be before or after the product has been released, but discovery is a useful measure because it reflects when the web community took notice. Traffic Score Out of 10, this is a measure of traffic relative to other posts on Trend Hunter during the same month. >5 : Above Average >7 : Hot >9 : On Fire Hyperlinked Picture Click on any picture (in PRESENTATION MODE) to open the full article. This can include galleries, videos, and product links Trend ID Open any Trend using its id: 10. WHAT’S A CLUSTER? Cluster’s are meaningful groups which can inspire an idea. Note: the same micro-Trends can be clustered in many different ways. 11. OUR TEAM Special thanks to our global team of more than 20,000 Trend Hunters, especially the Top 50 12. THE CURATORS The 2009 Trend Hunter report was crafted by the following Trend Hunters: Bianca Bartz Trend Report Program Lead A graduate in journalism and student of the world, Bianca is the Senior Editor of Bianca gets a rush from bringing Trend Hunter to the forefront of new stories, publishing innovative concepts days (weeks) before traditional media. Jeremy Gutsche, MBA, CFA Editor in Chief Jeremy is an innovation expert, cutting edge speaker and founder of He has been described as &quot;a new breed of Trend spotter&quot; by The Guardian, &quot;an eagle eye&quot; by Global TV, an &quot;Oracle&quot; by the Globe and Mail and &quot;on the forefront of cool&quot; by MTV. Marissa Brassfield, BA Editor Marissa is a Trend Hunter editor, Los Angeles native and graduate of the University of Pennsylvania. She has been a D-1 college athlete, upscale restaurant manager, nightlife all-star and freelance writer. Jacob Courtade, BBA, BMath Trend Analyst As the 38th registered Trend Hunter, Jacob has always been ahead of the curve. Jacob is Trend Hunter’s Director of Business Development, but also played an important role in the Trend Report, developing the proprietary Trend score. Danielle Seville Editor Danielle is a seasoned technical editor, English graduate, film school graduate and world traveler. She played an instrumental role as an editor for the 2009 Trend Report 20,000 Trend Hunters and 40,000,000 Views Clearly, our community and the viewers have played an instrumental role in shaping our content. Special thanks to everyone that has played a part in our community. 13. Trend Hunter 2009 Trend REPORT <ul><li>Background About Trend Hunter </li></ul><ul><li>Unlocking Cool TM How to Unleash Your Innovation Potential & Infect Your Products With Cool </li></ul><ul><li>2009 Trend Clusters Over 2,200 Micro Trends Clustered Into 300+ Patterns of Inspiration </li></ul><ul><li>Sample Presentations Suggested Presentations for Your Team </li></ul>CROWD SOURCED INSIGHT TM 14. Credit Crunch Couture Saving money during a time of crisis : : : : : : : : : : DIY Status Bags DIY Fashion DIY Credit Crunch Fashion Paint Your Own Polo Kits DIY Doodle Bags Build-a-Bag 18479 12333 26649 21606 16674 21357 May / 6.2 2007 / 4.7 Oct / 10.0 Jul / 5.8 Apr / 4.6 Jul / 5.1 DIY Shoe Design Tutorials DIY Eco-Fashion Accessories High Fashion DIY DIY Sneaker Designs Felted Jewelry DIY Footwear 21077 11443 12843 25132 23111 13104 Jul / 9.7 2007 / 7.1 Jan / 7.0 Sep / 9.0 Aug / 7.9 Jan / 5.6 Implications - The 2008 credit crisis is pointing toward a turn for the worse in 2009. As a result, people are looking at different ways to save money. Following hot on the heels of the craft and DIY home project movement is that of self-made clothing. Consumers are seeking kits, how-to guides and inspiration. Eco Cluster Pop: 6.9 15. Return to the Kitchen Fueled by the credit crunch and internet recipe, fine dining will return : : : : : : : Social Networks for Chefs Junk Food Ads Targeting Children Odes to Edible Pop Culture 23115 21543 23215 Aug / 5.5 Jul / 4.8 Aug / 4.5 Culinary Assistants Digital Cookbooks Virtual Cooking Competitions Burnt Food Museums Local Fresh Food Locator 18432 16450 23317 22452 20003 May / 6.5 Mar / 5.9 Aug / 7.0 Aug / 6.7 Jun / 4.7 Culinary Photography Boom 23610 Aug / 7.8 Implications - Cooking has become a fashionable hobby for both men and women of all age groups. After reality cooking shows spurred new interest in culinary hobbies, the bug spread to the web. The internet is now a wealthy resource of recipes, interactive lessons and video tutorials. Lifestyle Cluster Pop: 5.9 16. Masculine Eccentric Men have expressed a desire for stand-out fashion too Implications - The tie symbolizes polished male sophistication, and while some have abandoned it, others are looking for a redesign. Reinventing a classic can bring it back to mainstream, but often it also targets new demographics. Some of these ties appeal more to youth or eccentrics, rather than traditional businessmen. Deceptive Fashion 16461 Mar / 7.1 : : : Man Scarves Chain Link Neckties Eccentric Ties 20347 19762 15999 Jun / 6.7 Mar / 4.3 : Exotic (and Outlandish) Imports 17635 Apr / 3.4 : Portable Office in a Tie Fashion Cluster Pop: 5.5 17. Remaking History Better Reshoots, recreations and remakes of classic pop culture : : : : : : : : : : CelebSpawn Recreates Iconic Movies Album Covers Recreated with Leg... Retro Reshoots 2 Recreating Classic Films With Robots Recreating Record Covers for Fun Recreating Classic Horror Movies 14676 5715 17119 21732 14963 22816 Feb / 7.0 2007 / 5.7 Apr / 6.1 Jul / 5.8 Feb / 3.4 Aug / 4.8 Recreating Famous Naked Celebrity Shoots Vintage Aspirations Lohan Bares All To Be Monroe Vanity Fair Recreates Hitchcock Recreating Magazine Covers Recreating Magazine Covers 20223 21292 14500 14234 18715 22515 Jun / 10.0 Jul / 10.0 Feb / 8.3 Feb / 8.2 May / 8.0 Aug / 9.2 Implications - The revival of retro not only includes product design and fashion, it’s also made its way into the media. Instead of creating from scratch, artists and designers are looking at successes of the past and giving them a modern twist by adding new techniques or integrating modern models. Design Cluster Pop: 7.2 18. Abolishing Beauty Real people are walking the runways in an abolition of traditional beauty Implications - World renowned fashion designers are straying from the ordinary by casting “characters” rather than traditional models. The peculiar choices in brand endorsement seen on catwalks reflect the increasing need to stand out and grab attention rather than woo with pretty representation. The new use of 'real' beauty has generated more notice than traditional beauty itself. Real Gypsies As Models 20296 Jun / 10.0 : : : Fashion Designers As Models Models with Missing Arms Seniors on the Catwalk 18366 21976 20417 May / 10.0 Jun / 8.0 : Basketball Superstars as Models 15731 Mar / 5.5 : Prostitute Fashion Shows Fashion Cluster Pop: 8.6 19. TABLE OF CONTENTS - 1/2 Below are half the clusters profiled in the 2009 Trend Report Light Graffiti Petrifying Plushies Traveluxe Fake Taxidermy Artible Recycled Art Renovating Religion Tennis Couture Synthetic Arcadia Body Style Sustainable Celebration Lazy Conservation Venue Exotica Sartropical Runways Skewed Schadenfreude Living Anime Return to the Tap Ugly Beauty Deceptive Fashion Personification Flightertainment DIY Green Digital Fashion Hotels as Destinations Ignescent Permutation Gory Guerrilla Marketing Organic Soles Masculine Eccentric Safety ‘R’ Us Epic Localization Unrelated Adverbranding Solar Gadgetry Abolishing Beauty Salubrious Rebellion Public Transtainability Interactive Historicommodation Living Design Tech Style Alimental Envisaging Ecotechture Ecomaternal DIY Fashion Portible Healthy Nomadic Bungalows Mega Aternative Fuel Ecochens Golden Men Health Scaling Culinary Reconditioning Sempiternal Innovation Protean Ethical Male Lingerie Hyper Utilitarian Occult Ovation Ego Chic Arboreal Abodes Deadly Pop Culture Luxury Grease Political Remixing Olfactory Vaunting Sports Style Wired Expectancy Political Celebrity Illustrated Awareness Street Style Faux Flawed Positive IRANgles Discommercials AeroObsession Functional Fashion Stealth Sticks Millenium Parenting Myth Appeal Custom Toons Plastic Life Stages Megocentric Motherhood Pro Bono Vivacity Sampling Hysteria Covertising Gothic Chic Fungiene Spoofvertising Zoovertising Billion Dollar Launches Sympathetic Awakening Celebrity PSAs Professional Crowdsourcing Contro Tourism Neoteric Banking Flavor Diversification Passive Wight Loss Choose Your Own Adventure Breakthroughvertising Virally Cute Hickified Luxe Celebrity Babies Samplified Marketing Movertise Adventure Photography Child Design Touch Education Cleanvertising 2.0 Digital Weight Loss Strangership Treasure Hunting in Products Athletevertising Podcycles Super Wood Reality Gaming Quakespiration Remergent Social Honesty Techified Tradition YouTube Recruiting Digital Kitchens Sky Palaces Robotic Nannies Digital Digipulation Interactive Window Shopping Digitized Boring Enabling Voyeurism Hi Tech Kiddies Design Over Function Micro Comfort Covert Technology Adverhoaxes Future Found Designing for the Limelight Brand Attachment Retro Gadget Revivals Experimentalebrity Quirkmmunications Collapsibility Brag Materialism Mood Sensitivity Dinervolution iPhone Killers Olympicreativity Hygiene Entertainment Destination Theatre Floorbellious Luxureast Making Garbage Gorgeous Skinoflouge Prosumer Territorial Personalization Retro Revival Oily Objections Handvertising Textile Funscination Pervasive Gadgetry Aidcessories Securanoia Hypershockulation Creative Comforts Inmate Innovation 20. TABLE OF CONTENTS - 2/2 Yes… You will get plenty of new ideas from this report! Retro Media Head Setting Intentional Viral Dubaichitecture Double Take Advertising Techabetes Eco Rebellion Print Tenacity Graffiti Art Athletic Advermania VOIP Ubiquity Retro Tech Revivals Pro Bonovation Hybridization Constinteraction Innovative Inconvenience Portabilication Global Hooliganism Imagined 2012 Faking Awesome Chore Entertainment Arty Eats Interactive Touch Swedesign McDiversification Appliance Couture Retrocoveries Flickr as News Remaking History Better Olympride WorkPLAYce Innovation Bubble Design Life in “Real Life” Opulent Food Gratunities Pocket-Sized Innovation Stormy Captivation Rethinking Foundational Norms Pocket-Sized Innovation Eatsperience Eco Compromise Living Decor Smallchitecture Mosaics With Meaning Credit Crunch DIY Green Luxuribiles Organification Aqua Culture Illuminated Design Pop Cultoons Solarmotive Solar Eco Gadgets Artwareness Improvised Opulence Simplicity Evolved Prefabulous Arborial Eco iDolls Credit Crunch Couture Shockvertising 2.0 Smog Shielding Blackouts in Unision ‘ Old is New’ is Always New Solarchitecture The End of Smoking Modern Midas Earthvertising All in Oneovation Urban Gardening Barbiversary Purple Passion Biodegradable Brilliance Military-Chic Electric Fever Creative Corivalry Pain Fashion Compact Envy Incredible Inedibles People Powered Retail Splendor Mommy Chic Designer Injuries Next GENergy Rise of the Fuel Cell Techceptance Niche Addiction Style Over Function Green Before Mean Carbon Zilching Faux Rockstar Revolution 2.0 Radical Flashion Backs Rental Culture Four Eyedols Flex Tech Open Air Urban Uniquinis Fuel Driven Pop Culture Return of the 90s Virtual Tourism Wellnesscents Body Canvas Gen Zeducation Style Over Tradition Holographic Reality Return to the Kitchen Paranoia Fashion Tangible Personalization Catwalks for Causes Woodovation Ageless Inspiration Sculpturesque Style Wonderbravo Classic Reinvented Vital Infotech Starbucking Ethereal Riposte Macho Innovation Swarovication Mobile Style Obamania Neon Pervasian Waking 2.0 Edible Pop Culture Fe-Male Fashion Fakevertising Multi-Niche Innovation Tech Savvy Seniors Bean Cultured Caffeinovation Remaking Reality Disaster Babies Complementary Innovation Playstalgia Geek Pride Seductive Illusionads Portaspace Niche Search The Humanization of Pets Hollywood on YouTube Celesbians + The Gaymous Wi-Fibulous Modern Religion Multi-Functionessity Brandaptation Geek Pride Ego Chic 21. Trend KEYNOTES Let Jeremy Gutsche ignite your group with a keynote or workshop about viral Trends and breakthrough innovation. Jeremy Gutsche, MBA, CFA Founder of, Host of TH TV, Keynote Speaker Jeremy Gutsche is an innovation expert, cutting edge speaker and founder of, the world's largest network for Trend spotting and innovation. He has been described as &quot;a new breed of Trend spotter&quot; by The Guardian, &quot;an eagle eye&quot; by Global TV, an &quot;Oracle&quot; by the Globe and Mail and &quot;on the forefront of cool&quot; by MTV. At age 28, he was one of Capital One's youngest Business Directors and innovation leads. With a relentless focus on innovation, he led his team to grow a $1 billion dollar portfolio of market leading products. He holds an MBA from Queen's University, studied innovation at Stanford, is a Chartered Financial Analyst, and a former Management Consultant. He speaks globally about viral Trends and a cutting edge approach to methodical innovation. Routinely sourced by the media, Jeremy's broad appeal ranges from the Economist and the Financial Times to Entertainment Tonight and MTV. . Watch at 22. ORDER ONLINE TM
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